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Whatever the exhibition, be it inside or outside the library, when there is a wish to show an item that belongs to the Bibliothèque de Genève, the department’s staff is tasked with verifying first and foremost its material state of conservation, to provide a positive or negative recommendation on lending the piece and hence on whether to pursue the technical and administrative steps involved in its display.

Mesure de l'intensité lumineuse à l'aide d'un luxmètre avant l'exposition d'un manuscrit issu des collections de la Bibliothèque

In most cases, simply removing the dust is considered necessary. In other cases, treatment can vary, from minor consolidation to much more complex restoration  treatment, which would then be scheduled well in advance. The Restoration department also fields questions posed by the exhibition curators—or any other cultural mediators—concerning the possible ways of displaying the object (lighting, stand or pedestal), its dimensions, and other particularities.

And in the same vein of preventing new and irreversible changes or risks, the department also sees to it that the conditions for transporting  and displaying  objects (packaging, climate, mounting) are sound. To this end, the department may escort  the object(s) and/or travel to the exhibition venue. Finally, before the show, every object is painstakingly documented (security photograph, technical description, condition report, special recommendations) to ensure that no new damage occurs.

Exhibition loans

The Bibliothèque de Genève regularly lends items for exhibitions mounted by cultural heritage institutions in Switzerland and abroad. This allows the BGE to introduce to the general public, highlight, and promote the extraordinary range of materials and collections in its care.

The BGE Administration and the Building management department oversee all exhibition loan dossiers from the moment a request arrives to the return of the loan. Requests for all library sites (Centre d'iconographie genevoise, Institut et Musée Voltaire, La Musicale, Villa La Grange) must be addressed to the Director of the Bibliothèque de Genève at the following address:

Bibliothèque de Genève
Promenade des Bastions
1211 Genève 4

Any request must be accompanied by a facility report of the institution looking to borrow the item(s) and must reach us at least six months prior to the opening date of the exhibition, otherwise the request will not be considered without prior review of the dossier.

The conditions required for a loan are laid out in the loan guidelines, which have been drafted in accordance with existing norms concerning documents of cultural importance.

EXAMPLE guidelines: general conditions for loans to temporary exhibitions (FR)

Loan contract for the City of Geneva (FR)

La Bibliothèque de Genève dans le monde

Chaque année nous prêtons des documents pour des expositions à travers le monde. Voici l'état actuel de ces prêts.

Promenade des Bastions 1
1211 Genève 4

T: +41 22 418 28 00
F: +41 22 418 28 01

Nelly Cauliez
Curator, head of the Building administration unit
T: +41 22 418 28 94
P: +41 76 563 07 35

Exhibition loans

Luz Lopez
T. +41 22 418 2803