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  • Les musées d’art et d’histoire, le Musée d’ethnographie et le Museum d’histoire naturelle, les Conservatoires et Jardin botaniques et le Fond municipal d’art contemporain proposent un accès à leur bibliothèque scientifique .
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L'atelier de numérisation de la Bibliothèque

Self-service copying: Photocopies and scanner

Several photocopiers are available to the public in the Bastions building in the salle Eugénie Droz and the salle Bonivard. At the Musée Voltaire, the on-duty librarian will take care of your photocopy requests.

A scanner is also available in the salle Eugénie Droz in the Bastions building. You will need a USB flash drive to save your digital images.

Copying restrictions

– manuscripts
– library materials prior to 1850
– rare books and large-format printed matter (newspapers, for example)
The Bibliothèque reserves the right to refuse any photocopy request depending on the nature of the item and its state of conservation. On the other hand, we may propose another means of reproducing the item in the library’s digitization lab.

Reproduction of microforms

Microfilm and microfiche reader-printers, which produce copies on A4 and A3 paper, are available to the public for use in the room located between the reading and catalogue rooms in the Bastions building. A microfiche and microfilm reader-printer is also available at the Musée Voltaire.

Photographs taken by a reader

In rare cases, patrons who have a camera may be authorized to take photos of library materials needed in their research. Flash photography is strictly forbidden, however.

Such persons must fill out and sign the relevant form prior to photographing library materials.

The number of photographs must be limited. They must neither damage nor otherwise compromise the conservation of the photographed materials, nor disturb the quiet of the work area.

Digitization lab

The digitization lab produces digital reproductions by request on a range of supports that take into account the demands of preventive conservation. The supports include photocopies, digitized imaging (scanner), digital photographs, and photographic prints.

Reproduction requests

Only complete and precise requests will be considered:
-full postal address and email address
-reference of the item (call number) and the specific parts to be reproduced (page numbers or folios)
-type of reproduction desired, whether photocopies, digital black/white or color image, digital photography, digital print, microfilm (duplicate only)
-intended use: private use, research or university work, publication (specify type of publication)

Request slips are available in the rare books room (Salle Senebier), the periodicals room (Salle Moynier), and the reading room

Requests may also be submitted online: 
– request for information – suggestions form
– email or written request by post to  the library staff in charge of the collections in question
– email to the library’s Reproduction department at num.bge(at)ville-ge.ch

Quotation and billing

A free quotation will be provided for the requested work. You must pay in advance (credit cards are accepted).

You will be charged a flat fee to cover administrative costs for any invoice that is issued.

Turnaround time

– Quotation: approx. 1 week after the request is validated.
– Delivery (via Internet or post): approx. 3 weeks after payment is received.

Publication of reproductions

When a reproduction is intended for publication or any other form of widespread distribution, or is to be transferred to a third party, you must submit to the Bibliothèque a written request for authorization. Unless otherwise stated, reproduced materials will be acknowledged as follows:  Bibliothèque de Genève, call number, volume, folio or page.

A specimen copy of the printed work or work on any other support must be sent to the Bibliothèque.

A one-time fee for use of the reproduction is charged for all commercial exploitation. A new request must be made for all subsequent use on the same or a new support.


It is your responsibility to find out, at your expense, if the reproduced item is under any copyright, usage right or any other intellectual property rights of a third party. All efforts to find beneficiaries of the copyright and the costs of doing so are wholly the responsibility of the person or persons who intend to use the reproduction.

The Swiss federal law on copyright and similar rights

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