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The Bibliothèque de Genève plays an essential role in the city’s intellectual heritage. It is a role that is engraved in its very mission, namely, to collect, preserve, and promote that heritage, and make it available to the broadest possible public, in particular through outreach, exhibitions, and publications featuring its collections.

The Bibliothèque de Genève’s role

The Bibliothèque serves the Genevan community but also a vaster public of international users. Indeed, it is actually several libraries at once, i.e., a conservation library that is responsible for forming and transmitting the city’s intellectual tradition and its encyclopedic heritage to present and future generations; a scholarly library of extensive specialized collections, with widely recognized areas of excellence in the humanities and the social sciences; a study and information library that enables the public at large to take advantage of its collections and forges working partnerships with researchers of all stripes; and finally a library with an international profile, influence, and scope, maintaining ties with comparable institutions in Switzerland and abroad while serving as an exemplar and point of reference for the city’s literary, scholarly, and scientific output.

Centers of excellence

The areas covered by the Bibliothèque de Genève are extensive but at the heart of its acquisitions, conservation, and promotion policy lie three especially important groups of works.

These centers of excellence are closely tied to the history of the library and Geneva generally, and naturally reflect the identity of both in part:

– The Reformation
– The Enlightenment

The specialization in Genevensia includes all items published on paper in Geneva, subjected to the legal deposit law, regardless of the subject, as well as all items that do not fall under the legal deposit law whose author or subject has some connection with Geneva, regardless of where they were published. The city’s international vocation at the turn of the 20th century, for example, is one of this collection’s strong points.

The specialization in Reformation takes in all of the subjects that are useful to understanding that phenomenon fully. All of Protestantism, especially in its French-language versions, is certainly part of this center of excellence and includes the Huguenots, the Refuge (the French Protestant flight from France following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes), the Desert (the years of clandestine practice of French Protestantism in France), and so on.

The Enlightenment, whose flame burned especially bright in Geneva, notably in literature and the sciences, is also one of the library’s centers of excellence with the full complement of subjects that help us to understand the “long 18th century.”

For further information, or to arrange to meet one of the library’s keepers, or to obtain additional HD images, please contact:

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